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Community Services American Indian Block Grant (CSAIBG) Cares Act Funding

Thank you for your interest in UAII Workforce Development's newest services provided through our Community Services American Indian Block Grant (CSAIBG) Cares Act Funding. 


In order to apply for these funding services, you must:

  1. Be a current County of Los Angeles Resident

  2. Complete UAII Workforce Development program application

  3. Have been impacted due to COVID-19 (see attached example declaration of COVID impact - it is not limited to just financial impact)

  4. At or below the 200% federal poverty level 

Important Note: Current UAII Employees are not eligible for this funding. If you are a current UAII employee in need of assistance, please contact the UAII Workforce Development Department for alternative resources.

Services Available
  • Rental Assistance 

  • Utility Assistance 

  • Food Security Assistance (Food Cards)

  • Housing Assistance

    • Security Deposit for Apartment ​

    • Temporary Emergency Housing, Emergency Shelter

Step 1: Complete UAII Workforce Application

The first step in requesting these services will be to complete a UAII Workforce Development application. In this application, please indicate that you are interested in receiving CSAIBG Funding.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Current UAII Workforce Development clients can skip this step and proceed to Step 2. Current clients do not need to submit another program application.

Step 2: Complete Attestations

The next step in requesting these services will be to complete all necessary attestations. For this funding you will need to complete an income and COVID-19 impact attestation. 

Step 3: Complete Supportive Service Request

After completing all necessary attestations and receiving confirmation of eligibility from your Workforce Specialist, please complete a Supportive Service Request for each service. 

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