$25 Gift Cards for CFCI Survey

The Los Angeles County Care First and Community Investment (CFCI) initiative is sponsoring a community survey to get input on a range of criminal justice issues to provide guidance to the CFCI Advisory Committee on their funding recommendations.


United American Indian Involvement, Inc. (UAII) has partnered with CFCI to assist with distributing this survey to the American Indian/Alaska Native Community. UAII community members that complete this survey are eligible for a $25 gift card as a thank you for sharing your valuable insights.

Step 1: Complete the Online CFCI Survey

Step 2: Upload a Screenshot of Your Completed Survey

Step 3: Wait for Our Team to Email Your Gift Card!

If you have questions, reach out to Tencha Espino

$25 Gift Card Details: 

All members of the UAII community (including UAII clients, family members, and staff) are eligible for receive a $25 gift card for completing this survey. There is no age requirement, but all survey participants will need to be residents of Los Angeles County. To receive a gift card, you must follow the process above. In your survey response, you must indicate you are a member of the UAII Community and take a screenshot of the final "Thank You" page of the survey to receive a gift card. $25 gift cards will be distributed while supplies last and only UAII community members are eligible for this gift card. Staff will reach out to verify information.