New UAII Workforce Training Cohort Program!

UAII Workforce Development Department is excited to announce that we have created our very own Training Cohort Program.

What is a training cohort?

A training cohort is a group of a small group of active UAII Workforce Development clients that participate in a short-term, fast-track training program that leads to a certificate in growing or in-demand industries.

For our first two training cohorts, we have partnered with East Los Angeles College and the Computer Applications and Office Technologies Department (CAOT). By completing online coursework through East Los Angeles College, our clients can receive either a certificate of achievement as a Customer Service Representative or a skills certificate of Leadership in Global Logistics. The first cohort of clients will start on October 26th, 2020. That's just two months away! So be sure to act fast in order to take advantage of this free opportunity!

To learn more about these programs and receive further information, please complete the interest form below: