Roadtrip Nation Hiring Opportunities!

Wondering what you should do with your life? What career you should pursue? Roatrip Nation is here to help you answer these questions. UAII Workforce Development is excited ot share some great hiring and internship opportunities from this innovative organization with the Workforce community.

Hiring and Internship Opportuntines

Native American Film Director (Open until filled)

"We are looking to add an outstanding Director to our team in order to shape and direct these important stories.  This Director will be culturally sensitive to Native American History and Native American content on Spirituality, racism, mascots, economic oppression, language and cultural/tribal diversity and protocols.  They will be open to best practices in filming Native American communities and Respect of beliefs, land and ceremonies."

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Native American Roadtrippers (November 1st Deadline)

"Fueled by ASU, College Board, and the RMP Foundation, we're sending three Native American young adults on the road for free next spring to talk to leaders and mentors in the Native community! Over the course of 2-3 weeks, you'll get to explore career and educational paths you're interested in, and hear advice from people in the Native American community who are building fulfilling careers and lives around the things they care about most. This is a chance to strengthen your connections—both to yourself, and to Native leaders who've gone before you. You'll learn, grow, share stories, build community—and ultimately start to define your own road forward."

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About Roadtrip Nation

For 15 years, we’ve made it our mission to talk with professionals of every kind and ask the questions that no one is asking—honest questions about their struggles, successes, and how they figured out the age-old dilemma, “What should I do with my life?”

From video game designers to lawyers, sports journalists to STEM professionals, and everything in between, we’ve sought out untold stories and shared them. These stories form the basis of our career exploration products—including an educational curriculum, personalized online tools, video content, bestselling books, and live events. Together, these tools create a diverse and relevant collection of resources showing young people the vast scope of careers and possibilities.